Custom in-house printing services for businesses, bulk or repeat purchases, and rush orders.

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Every order is managed by team members who ensure details, timeliness, and support throughout the production process. You’ll be given a personal experienced account representative plus access to our team of graphic designers – it’s like having your own marketing team without the cost!

About Pennington

Pennington is a full-service printing company based in Redlands with clients throughout Nation. Our large production site is relative to the production sizes we complete throughout the day for business owners, purchasers, school districts, and more. We also welcome individuals and small businesses in need of custom services.

Our complete selection of products and services can address all your creative needs, including in-house embroidery and a digital catalog with hundreds of customizable products to choose from.

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Personal service is a necessity when it comes to client satisfaction. We emphasize this principle with our Product Consultants – one of the major distinguishing factors between us and others in this industry. We take your business seriously and strive to understand our role in helping you experience success, so we work directly with all our clients to get properly educated on the marketing goals and business needs.

Call and speak to one of our Product Consultants to learn more about our services, budget-friendly options, and our process! 

Water-based Screen Printing Services

This specialty printing service has low competition in the market despite it’s superior results due to its complex technique. This water-based printing is offered at the same price as our regular screen printing because we don’t cut corners on quality.

Water-based inks are highly recommended when decorating custom apparel and achieving a high-end, vintage t-shirt aesthetic. Unlike plastisol, water-based inks are soft, smooth, and almost impalpable on fabric surfaces, so large graphics that are printed on cotton and other fabrics like 50/50 and 60/40 have super soft and breathable results. This makes water-based inks the standard for private clothing lines and retailers – and now you.

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