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Quality custom graphics matter when translating your logo or artwork to promotional items. The quality of the custom graphics used in any project conveys a great deal. From the initial eye-catching first impression to building and maintaining confidence through consistent branding – custom graphics is a deal-breaker. If the logo or artwork is blurry or messy, that equates to an instant loss in what you spent on the project. Poor graphics will equal a poor impression of your business.

So, when it comes time to produce your collateral, you need to make sure your artwork is on point. It needs to be clean, crisp, and fit the standard format. Additionally, it must also be the highest resolution to meet the requirements for the medium and size.

When you need custom graphics that make a lasting positive impact, turn to the design professionals at Pennington. From logos and letterheads to brochures, newsletters, and posters, our team will help you create the best layout for your needs.

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Custom Graphics Information

When do I need custom graphics artwork services?:

Typical reasons we find clients seek our graphics services are as follows:
Create high-resolution files. When clients do not have the original logo vector art this can pose problems. For example, if you have a large banner and you only have a rasterized version of your logo, this will degrade the quality of certain projects. A rasterized version of the logo is limited in DPI or dots per inch. If you enlarge it, the DPIs do not compensate for this. This is when images start to look fuzzy and not crisp around the edges. The artwork needs to be recreated in DPI-friendly vector format.

Another reason clients use our services is to create high-end stylized brochures and signage.

How does Pennington ensure I get great quality on my project?:
Our designers not only have bachelor’s degrees in graphic design, but they have years of experience to back it up. Working on both the client and production side gives them the insight that allows them to prep the work correctly. They produce ready-to-use graphics daily.

How much does it cost?:
Our design and layout service prices vary based on project needs, so give us a call today.

Accredited Experience

All our designers have bachelor's degrees in graphic design from accredited universities.

Up-To-Date Software

Our team uses the latest Adobe software to ensure you receive the most up-to-date design possible.

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